Janel's Hair Studio

Meet your Hair Stylist

After graduating from high school, Janel was accepted to attend the Marvel Beauty School,  in Ottawa, where she completed the hairstyling program.  Following the successful completion of her hairstyling program, in 2002, Janel worked in a hair salon where she honed her skills for 9 years.

During the summer of 2007,  Janel attended the Goldwell Academy, in Toronto, where she completed extensive training to become a Goldwell Technical Associate (GTA).   Goldwell Technical Associates educate hairstylists about the Goldwell hair colouring system, teaching them how to effectively and properly use their  colour products.  Janel loves working as a GTA because it gives her the opportunity to not only teach others,  but  also keeps her current on new styling products and trends.

Janel has always wanted the flexibility of being her own boss  by opening up a hair salon of her own.  On February 1st, 2011, she finally realised this dream when she opened Janel’s Hair Studio, in Metcalfe, Ontario.  Janel’s vision, for her business, is to offer her clients the “high end” salon quality experience closer to home.

Photos of the Hair Studio